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Don't be calling her Frannie or Fran, because Frances may look like a rose, but she packs a punch. Oh, wait?! We're not talking about that Frances? Oh, you mean the dress? Well, our Frances packs a punch too - in the figure-flattering department. This girl is gonna look good on every body and she's even got a pocket. Yep, you read that right. She's got a pocket in the back. Combine her with Marie and you've got yourself one pretty thigh-chafe fighting, swanky outfit. 

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Headed to the courts or course? Brunch or lunch? This dress has got you covered with simple, sophisticated styling, and it’s got a pocket.  

Large elasticized center back pocket and semi-fitted with princess seams to flatter every body. Earth-friendly, made from 78% recycled polyester and always made in the USA.

Women's Size Chart
XS 0/2 33" 26" 36"
S 4/6 35" 28" 38"
M 8/10 37" 30" 40"
L 12/14 40" 33¼" 43"
XL 16/18 43½" 37¼" 46½"
XXL 20/22 47½" 40¾" 50½"


Data sheet

Fiber Content
78% Recycled Polyester / 22% Lycra Spandex

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