Let's Talk about Fit

Let's Talk about Fit

When you talk about how clothes fit, it can get really personal really fast. How a person likes their clothes to fit may be different than how the manufacturer intended on the clothes being worn.  Not to mention there are differences, sometimes subtle, between the words used to describe how an article of clothing is supposed to fit.  

For example, the Eunice skirt is a close-fitting A-line skirt, but the shorts are a tight-fitting compression style. So let's talk about the difference between close-fitting and tight-fitting. Close-fitting means that the clothing hangs close to your body. There is very little ease, or room, in the fabric. It's not form-fitting, but it's not loose-fitting either. It's close-fitting. Now tight-fitting is exactly as it sounds. It's tight, and it compresses your body. it's got no ease, and usually has negative ease which means that the clothing is cut smaller than your actual dimensions so that the fabric almost becomes like a second skin. So if you like to have your exercise clothes be form-fitting and compressive, then you should order your normal size, but if you don't like things that tight, but still want an A-line skirt, then you should order a size up. 

By contrast, the Ginny skirt is a semi-fitted skirt, with close-fitting shorts. The shorts are not compressive but fit well. You shouldn't have to shimmy into the Ginny the way you might have to for the Eunice. The skirt is semi-fitted because the hips and waist of the skirt are close-fitting, but the lower portion of the skirt is semi-circular and loose-fitting. Now, if you like your exercise clothes to be tight-fitting, I would recommend that you order a size smaller than you normally would. 

I know that this can all sound confusing, but it's a personal preference. So think about how you like your clothes to fit, and remember that our skirts are sized based on what your hip measurements are, so if you span two sizes, like me, then how you prefer your clothes to fit becomes even more important. What fits your hips may not fit your waist, and you end up having to choose fitting one or the other.

When in doubt - ask a question! We usually respond to questions in a few hours, so if you have a question or just need some more information, send us an email or hit us up on Facebook. 

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