Dressing the Body YOU Have

Dressing the Body YOU Have

In the last post, I talked about how the fit of your clothing was a personal choice and totally dependent on what you like and what you're comfortable with - today we're going to talk about how to dress for the body you're in. 

Now before you guys start giving me the side-eye, I get it. I know the struggles larger women face. Eight years ago, I was about 300 lbs and hated getting dressed. I didn't care because, I didn't like how I looked, and I was unhappy in my body. Getting gussied up was a constant battle. If I nailed the look I was going for, then my confidence and happiness showed, but if the outfit didn't quite work the way I wanted, that insecurity showed just as much as well.

Dressing your body type could also be described as, "Dressing - Crafting An Optical Illusion," because that's what you're going to do. When you dress for your body type, your clothes camouflage the bits you don't like and accentuate the bits you do like. 

The February 2011 picture is a perfect example of not dressing for your body. The pleats in that shirt fan out at the bottom, creating the illusion of wider hips, which definitely isn't something my body needs. If my shoulders were wider than my hips, then the pleats would balance the width of the shoulders. As it is, the shirt makes me look bottom heavy. The dark jeans help with the slimming of my hips, but it's not enough to combat the visual the pleats created.
The June 2011 picture shows me the same weight as the February picture, but it doesn't look like it. Yes, some of it is because of how I'm posed, but some of it is also because of the cut of the dress. It's an empire style dress that gathers right under my bust, which gives the appearance of cinching in my torso. The dress also slightly flares at the hips, which furthers the illusion of a smaller waist/torso section. I'm the same size, but those two pictures create two different silhouettes. 
It's important to dress for the body you have instead of, the one you want. It takes time to learn how to dress your body, but when you like how you look you're going to be happier and, more confident. I want you to feel every bit as amazing as I know you are, and while I'm not a psychiatrist, I do have first-hand knowledge of how powerful the clothes you wear can be.
If you're looking for suggestions on how to dress your body type, Pinterest is a terrific resource. 

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