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Ginny Jr

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Why is it that when a girl gets named after a family member she doesn't get a suffix? Seriously, how many Elizabeths are in one family? We're pretty sure we have 3. Well at least 3 that we can think of in the span of .1 seconds. We've gotten off-topic.

Ginny Jr. has all the same amazing features as her mom, Ginny, without that back pocket. Why did we take out the zippered pocket? Do you want to scrape melted chocolate that's been mixed with gummies and seasoned with dirt and who-knows-what-else because your child decided to make a mud pie back there? Yea, take it from us - you don't want to. It's gross. So we took out the mud pie pocket but left the leg pockets because you know those little versions of ourselves do need at least 2 pockets. 

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A casual-chic, flirty, flounced skirt with attached shorts that has pockets!

Shorts have an inseam from 4½" to 6" (based on size) and a wide leg band so they stay where they're supposed to. Leg pockets and a lined inseam to avoid the dreaded thigh chafing. Made from earth-friendly recycled polyester and always made in the USA.

Girl's Size Chart
XS 4/5 21" 24"
S 6/6x 22" 26"
M 7/8 23" 28"
L 10/12 24½" 30½"
XL 14/16 26½" 34½"


Specific References

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Just like those classic 80's mullets... Beverly looks like a straight skirt in the front, but the back is where it's at! Box pleats in the back keep Beverly from taking herself too seriously. What's more, is that she's got attached shorts with pockets! Eunice didn't call her out on showing too much leg but that's because she's already on the short side. Don't call her short stuff though, she doesn't like it. 


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The OG! The Queen! Our first-born! Ginny was the skirt that started it all and there's a reason she's our best-seller - it's because she's incredible and HAS POCKETS! Did you hear us? SHE HAS POCKETS! 3 of them! Do you hear what we're telling you? There are so many pockets in this skirt that you could put each key on your keyring in a different pocket! There are also built-in shorts, did we forget to mention that? All the freedom of shorts, but in the always classy, a little bit flirty package of a twirly skirt!

*Assumption of the number of keys is based on a pulled-out-of-thin-air guess because it sounded good.


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Are you ready? Can you handle this? Eunice is our personal favorite out of all the skirts, but that's because she reminds us of our great-grandma - and not only because they share a name. Straight-shooting but a little bit sassy, this A-line inspired number has two pockets that you can reach without showing a little bit of leg - we're looking at you, Ginny and Jo. Although she's not all straightlaced business, her side panels have some spunk with an inverted V hem to make those beautiful legs of yours stand out a bit. What's even better about this skirt? The shorts are attached and sport only one seam! Who screams for one seam? Everyone screams for one seam! 


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Ginny's younger, flouncier sister. We could have named her Jan, but we fear that joke is going to date us. Ok, moving on from our age. Are ruffles your thing? Do you love that little bit of extra swish as you sashay through your day? Is your derriere a favorite feature? If you answered yes to any of those questions then Jo is definitely going to work for you. She's got a double flounce of twirly goodness and still has 3 pockets! So march-a, march-a, march-a on down and get yourself some flouncy goodness. 


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Wouldn't it have been nice to be able to copy and paste answers when we were in school? We could have copied Jo's description or even Ginny, Jr's but we didn't. We came up with this original drivel, but we digress.

JJ = Jo, Jr. but that's a mouthful so JJ is what she goes by. She's a miniature version of Jo, sans the mud pie pocket. Need clarification on what a mud pie pocket is? Go see Ginny, Jr. She'll fill you in. JJ could be the Cindy to our little skirt family, but, again, we might be dating ourselves. Oof.

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